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HPE 3800 Series switch

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HPE 3800 Series switch

I have a j9576y, 

When i try to go to the web interface i get service unavailalbe. 

503 Service Unavailable

The server is currently busy. Please try again later


I have SSH connection, for a while it kept giving me invalid username and password but finally accepting them (saved username an password was't working before, it is now, so not a bad password). 


So now that i have ssh access again, how do i restart the web services to get those back? 



Re: HPE 3800 Series switch


You can try to disable and re-enable the web management.

You can fist use the command show web-management to see if web access is enabled or not. Here is how it looks like when it is disabled

core# show web-management

Web Management - Server Configuration

HTTP Access : Disabled
HTTPS Access : Disabled


With the next commands I am enabling web-management and checking if it is enabled.

core# configure
core(config)# web-management
core(config)# show web-management

Web Management - Server Configuration

HTTP Access : Enabled
HTTPS Access : Disabled
Idle Timeout : 600 seconds
Management URL :
Support URL :
User Interface : Improved
Listen Mode : both

If is is showing that it is enabled but you still cannot access, you can try to disable and enable web-management

core(config)# no web-management
core(config)# web-management

If it is still now working, please provide the output of show web-management.

I am an HPE employee

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