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IPTV freezes when there are plenty of Multicast (TV) users

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IPTV freezes when there are plenty of Multicast (TV) users


Need someone's help:

We have installed HP switches for IPTV solution for a hotel industry, we've put up HP 2530-48G Switch (J9775A) in the IDFs where 30 TV sets are connected on each switch. The problem we've encountered was when all the TV sets are turned-on, the TV screen freezes and we have noticed that the TX utilization in the swtichtports tuns 90+%.

As of now, I cannot decide whom to blame this matter as I do not have much experience with regards to multicasting of IPTV service. I don't know wheter if its the IPTV provider or us who provides and configures the switches. (BTW: the IPTV server was Sumavision EMR if in case you might ask).

I cannot attach the switch logs, could you give me some idea how to send it for your reviews as well.. THANKS.



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Re: IPTV freezes when there are plenty of Multicast (TV) users

We have been using 2530 and 2930 , 5400 switches for IPTV for some time now at almost full utilization and have never encountered similar issues. Maybe these where something related to config or that particular firmware.

Running with the latest switch firmware is recommended. The best thing we liked was that we have lifetime free software warranty on all 2530 and 2930  switches without any additional charges for smartnet or care pack.