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Layer2 mixed with Layer3 procurve switches

Occasional Contributor

Layer2 mixed with Layer3 procurve switches

Dear all,

We want to configure ARP spoofing on our switches.

Question is can we do this in our enviroment as it is now...

We have 2 5412zl core switches

5 times 4200 switches, and like 5 2530 aruba access switches

I know only layer 3 supports the ARP spoofing, but can we still configure this on our layer 3 switches without problems, because the layer2 switches do not support this...


is it usefull... all sugestion are very welcome

best regards


Honored Contributor

Re: Layer2 mixed with Layer3 procurve switches

Do you mean you want to configure ARP protection?

The Layer2 switches aren't really relevant to do this - on the Layer3 switches, you configure DHCP snooping then ARP Protection as per the "Access Security" manual.