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Re: REPOST: Procurve 5400 configuration (switch & routing)

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REPOST: Procurve 5400 configuration (switch & routing)

Reposting message because browser error with first posting

I've a customer wants to reconfigure his network. In the attached picture, on the left the actual environment, on the right, the future.
The question is to replace the actual router using the 5412 as switch and router for all subnets.
On the 5412 there are 24 ports reserved to connect the subnets.
I'm not a Procurve specialist and I don't know if is possible and how to configure the 5412.
On the 5412 there is the Premium Edge license (not installed yet because is not possbile to reboot the switch) and also there is PCM+ 2.2
Attached the network scheme and the router configuration.

thanks in advance for any help
kind regards
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Re: REPOST: Procurve 5400 configuration (switch & routing)

Hi David

The 5400 are intelligent switches, and when you add a Premium Edge license, you boost many things like its Routing capabilities.

I checked your Router configuration, and it seems its a Cisco Switch, not router

Also i can tell you,

You can easily do that upgrade and Fire the cisco switch to his home :)

Configuration wise on the 5400, we will do it on a Vlan basis.

So each Ethernet Interface on the cisco switch will be replaced with a Vlan on the 5400 routing switch that Represents a Subnet in your Network.


*** Fastethernet 0/1 ***

5400(config)#vlan 1 ip address
5400(config)#vlan 1 ip address

After that, you can connect your 5400 routing switch directly as shown in the picture, left side to the ProCurve 3500

*** Fastethernet 0/2 ***

5400(config)#vlan 2 ip address

and you can connect your 5400 routing switch directly as shown in the picture, left side to the 3Com one.

And so on.

Of course there are other configuration that has to be done like

- Enable IP Routing
- Create the ACLs and apply them to the Vlans.
- Configure the DNS server.
- Enable RIP as needed.
- Add the static routes as needed.
- Configure the SNMP settings.
etc ...

You can use the following guide to help you in the configuration:

In case you need more clarifications, you can post here and for sure you will find the help.

Good Luck !!!

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Re: REPOST: Procurve 5400 configuration (switch & routing)

Hi Mohieddin,
we have solved many setup problems, but the customer has about 20 subnets connected to the cisco that must to be migrated to the 5412. The Procurve switch has limit of 8 VLANs. My question is if is possible to configure a VLAN with more than one subnet, assign more ip addresses to the VLAN and if ip routing is enable also intravlan.
If this configuration works we have solved all problems to migrate to pure ProCurve network environment (also replacing 3Com edge switches).

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Re: REPOST: Procurve 5400 configuration (switch & routing)


The 5400 supports up to 2048 Vlans, but initially it comes configured with only 8 for resources.

Just issue the following command and reboot the switch after that:

Switch(config)# max-vlans (1-2048)

Also you can assign multiple IPs in the same Vlan as a secondary in case you need a multinet Vlan.

-Up to 2000 IP addresses for the switch
-Up to 32 IP addresses for the same VLAN
-Up to 512 IP VLANs, that is, VLANs on which you can configure IP addresses
-Each IP address on a VLAN must be for a separate subnet, whether on the same VLAN or different VLANs.

So you can do it that way, but i really don;t recommend that for many reasons:

- You are combining multiple subnet in one Vlan, so you are breaking the Vlan benefits of segregating the network.

- Also I've seen in cisco switch configuration that you have some ACLs applied on subnets,
And in the ProCurve 5400 case you have to apply it on a Vlan basis, and that doesn't make any sense to me because this Vlan has all or most of the subnets.

- I don't see any problem in creating multiple Vlan, one per subnet , and do the routing between these Vlans (subnet) in the proper way.

don't forget to assign points to posts that helped.

Good Luck !!!
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Re: REPOST: Procurve 5400 configuration (switch & routing)

Thank you very much