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Re: VOICE and Data vlans on 7500 series core switch

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VOICE and Data vlans on 7500 series core switch

Hi ,

     i am having HP 7500s switch need to configure voice and data vlans.

data vlan for internet 

voice vlan for avaya ip phones


can anyone help me out as i am totally news to this product 

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Re: VOICE and Data vlans on 7500 series core switch


Solution for this issue is discussed in below article.

Please take a look at the following article.

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Re: VOICE and Data vlans on 7500 series core switch


I suppose you want more than just a link to the switch guide. Of course you should get familiar with that guide. But for your Avaya phone (or any other brand, for that mattter), the configuration is pretty easy. 

You need to create both Voice an Client VLAN's on the switch. Notice I said Client VLAN, not Internet VLAN, as I assume your clients are behind a firewall and simply have access to the Internet. Either from the CLI, or better for a beginner, go into the menu and configure the port so that it is TAGGED on Voice, UNTAGGED on Client.

Physically the phone will be connected to the switch and the computer plugged into the phone.

If this is an edge switch, any uplink trunks will be TAGGED on all VLAN's that must traverse the trunk.
Set IP-helper on the switch to point to your DHCP servers.
Both the Client VLAN and Voice VLAN scopes will need options configured specific for the phones. 
The Client VLAN DHCP scope needs option 242 (non-Avaya phones may have different vendor specific options).
Usually the phone will first come up in the Client VLAN, where it doesn't belong. But it won't stay there long. Option 242 in the Client VLAN will tell the phone which VLAN it belongs in. 
Let's say for a particular building the Client VLAN ID is 10 and the Voice VLAN is 11. Then Option 242 in the Client scope (which is VLAN 10) will publish the voice VLAN ID (which is VLAN 11).
The Voice VLAN scope will also use Option 242, but needs to contain more information, such as the PBX's IP address, wait timeout parameters etc. If you want the exact string, here it is:(MCIPADD=,MCPORT=1719,HTTPSRVR=,L2Q=1,L2QVLAN=11,VLANTEST=30)
Don't forget that the Voice scope should also have option 066 so the phones can get their firmware updates. Those can come from the PBX so the parameter would just be set to (, assuming that is your PBX IP address.

Please be a good citizen. Since you are settng up a phone system, please handle 911 calls properly. If you have multiple buildings and a single PBX, then make sure each building has a unique voice VLAN that is configured only in its own building. Then in the PBX make sure to configure matching subnets and "ELIN's" so that 911 calls get outpulsed with a building-specific DID number that is registered with your local PSAP. In other words, please take the time to set up and test such that phones can move from building to building and always have the 911 operator see the correct addresses. 



Re: VOICE and Data vlans on 7500 series core switch

Hi there,

please take a look at the following article:




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