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(PHOTO ESSAY) The cook in her kitchen: A photographic tour of the Hewlett Packard Labs clean room

Tho Tran in the cleanroomTho Tran in the cleanroom

Ever wonder what goes on in the class 10 cleanrooms of Hewlett Packard Labs? Did you know there were class 10 cleanrooms? Because there are. They're integral to the research we do. And integral in turn to that work are the people who willingly repress their panic response, and put on moon boots, cowls, masks, and plastic onesies to cavort about like a bunch of overheated elves. 

In our photo essay,  "The cook in her kitchen: A photographic tour of the Hewlett Packard Labs cleanrooms shot by Rebecca Lewington  we profile the work of process engineer (and baker) Tho Tran. She's one of the brave folks who help draw research out of the realm of pure ideas and into the physical world.

As the poet said, "No ideas but in things." 


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Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs


Nicely done... Reminds me that I turned out to be a little clostrophobic just dressing for a class 10 room...

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