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2 BL20p Blade Chassis with GBe2 Switches

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2 BL20p Blade Chassis with GBe2 Switches

I have two seperate blade chassis with GBE2 switches in each. We have 2 clusters running on the servers with a node of each cluster in each of the enclosures. I am trying to acomplish creating a VLan on the GBE2 for the private traffic to communicate, but the nodes are in differrent chassis. I was told that the Management port in the rear of the chassis connecting the chassis would facilitate the communication.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? If denied, how would you go about creating the Vlan to facilitate private heartbeat cluster traffic?
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Re: 2 BL20p Blade Chassis with GBe2 Switches

Documentation says that mgmt ports are used to synchronize config settings between OA's in enclosures. Check "HP Blade System c7000 enclosure Setup and Installation Guide", page 52 and 53.

If you want to link two nodes in cluster you should use ethernet switches with propoer VLAN setting, that is, set the same VLAN ID to downlink and uplink ports on both switches, connect them with standard cable and you're good to go :)