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2014.09.0 BL460G1


2014.09.0 BL460G1

Hi Folks,

Is the old BL460G1 Server no longer supportet for the new SPP (2014.09.0). I canot find it in the server list:


I have a c7000 and want to put in some new G9 Blades. So I need to update the enclosure to 2014.09.0 (OA 4.30).

But I have no FW for the old BL460 wich are also in the same Enclosure.

Is it ok when i have some older FW (2014.06.0) on the BL460G1 blades and a newer one for the bl460G9 Blades?


I have no VC in the Enclosure.



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Re: 2014.09.0 BL460G1

The enclosure needs the updates to support Gen9. Just make sure you have the existing blades up to the latest firmware revisions and they will be fine.

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Re: 2014.09.0 BL460G1

As far as I am aware there haven't been any fw changes for the G1 blades in a while, so for the G1s it won't make any difference. But as said before by Jimmy, use the latest SPP on the enclosure/Gen9 blades.
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Re: 2014.09.0 BL460G1

Hi if one installs 2014.09.0 on Gen9 blades - can one see from the ISO what the FW spec will be on the blade? I know the easiest way is just to do the FW upgrade, but I have to try and write some documentation before we do that