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3 issues with Blade servers (IE8 + ilo + ASR)

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3 issues with Blade servers (IE8 + ilo + ASR)

we've recently dicovered the HP BladeSystem (c7000 chassis) PSU recall, and have done as per the advisory states. This includes a firmware update of practically everything (ILO, chassis and blades).

Chassis firmware: v2.52
ilo firmware: v1.79
Firmware package: v8.60 bootable CD
Blades models affected: all (BL460c, BL480c, BL465c)

we have the following issues now:

1) IE8 has never worked with ilo. this is both before and after the lastest firmware update and is not related to the updates done above. a minor issue that i'm working around by using XP & IE7). is there a fix for this?

2) practically all our servers are rebooting themselves with ASR issues. this only occured after the chassis update, and running the latest Firmware package hasnt fixed. updating to the lasted bios at this time (sept '09) also hasnt fixed, but seems to improve the time between ASR's. servers were perfectly reliable prior to carrying out the advisory update

3) running an ilo update on 1 single Bl460c, it appears to of failed and i'm unable to boot the server to re-flash. re-inserting the blade into the chassis has not helped. any ideas on how to recover this server back to an operational state?

process of updates:
Chassis Firmware first, then FW8.60 bundle on all servers in that chassis, then system bios

a quick response would be appreciated as it is naturally affecting our service. if i dont get a reply back within 24-48 hours, then i'll go off to HP support....

Thanks for any help!
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Re: 3 issues with Blade servers (IE8 + ilo + ASR)

found all but question #3 in another post

nice one HP - so much for testing stuff!
i'll roll back ilo and wont use IE8. (i didnt realise we could use Firefox for ilo though! :))
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Re: 3 issues with Blade servers (IE8 + ilo + ASR)

1) IE8 for me works for basic OA/iLO functionality but for things like Integrated Remote Console it does some screwy things. I am using the "XP Mode" in Windows 7 and running IE7 for times when I really need to get my work done. Sorry no fix here.

2) Firmware and PSP need to be kept in fairly tight synchronicity. If you only upgraded your firmware and did not go into the OS on each machine and upgrade the PSP to something recent, I would definitely advise doing that next.

3) If you have another chassis that is still on an older OA level, try putting the blade in there and see if you can get it to boot. If all else fails you have to call HP Support and have them replace the mobo in the Blade. I hope its under warranty.

Process of Updates:
You have it backwards. You are always supposed to get all your blades upgraded to a newer version of the iLO and System ROM (I just use the BladeSystem Firmware Update Tool to get everything updated at once). Then once your blades are upgraded, THEN you do the Chassis.