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3-Phase 16A PDU & c7000 BladeSystem enclosure question

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3-Phase 16A PDU & c7000 BladeSystem enclosure question

Martin had a customer question regarding input power for a c7000 enclosure:




My customer wants to install a 3 Phase 16A C7000 enclosure in a 47U rack with on both sides two 1 phase 16A PDU’s.

Can he cut the wires and connect 3 CEE 7/7 “Schuko” European power cords (1 Phase 16A) on each Feed of the enclosure.

Can it technically, and is this supported?




Juergen had some info for Martin:




Hello Martin


If I understand your request right the customer wants to do modifications on both 3-phase power cords directly attached to the HP BladeSystem enclosure. A 3-phase connection typically means in EMEA about 400V phase-to-phase, and 230V phase-to-neutral. In general, this modification will have an impact on the enclosure warranty. But beside of this, 3-phase 16A provides 3x the power of a single-phase 16A line (11kVA vs. 3,7kVA). As a result, connecting the modified 3-phase power cords to a single-phase PDU (3,7kVA) will overload this one.

Another reason not to do this, there is no power outlet for CEE 7/7 “Schuko” on any of our HP PDUs.


What is the reason for this action, is there no 3-phase outlet available onsite?

If yes, the electrician may provide a separate junction box with breakers to do the job without impact on enclosure warranty.


If I’ve misunderstood the request please provide some more details and I’ll try again.




We hope this helped you. Let us know if you have questions.