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9.0 Blade FW upgrade problem using 9.0 CD

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9.0 Blade FW upgrade problem using 9.0 CD

Sam had a problem with upgrading a couple of c7000 enclosures:





Has anyone seen a symptom like this before during a FW upgrade? I got the following from a customer:


I kicked off the Firmware upgrade the same as the first and everything appeared to start fine. I came back about a half hour later and the DVD mapping was gone on all Blades like the first enclosure  when it finished. Except I cannot access any of the Blades; all of the Blades have the same info message stating “iLO network configuration problem, check connectivity to iLO default gateway.”. I had already been into two of the Blades before the Firmware upgrade so I know they did work. I checked all of the settings in the “Enclosure Bay IP Addressing” and it is all correct than I applied the settings. That did not fix the problem. I next reseated all of the Blades, that also did not work. I finally completely powered down the Enclosure and that also did not fix the problem.


Dave had some questions for Sam:



                What was the version of the iLO before the update?

What is the version of the OA?

There is relationship between OA, iLO and ROMBIOS versions as to how they connect/communicate.


You might want to look through the OA and iLO logs to check for errors.


Sam replied:


Worked with the customer today he had duplicated the IP addresses assigned to the blades when he setup the enclosure. He did not notice the duplicate IP address warning so the ILO’s did not take on an address thus the error.



So Sam found the issue with the customer. Duplicate IP addresses are never a good thing.