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About blade system c7000 and EVA4400

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About blade system c7000 and EVA4400

Dear all,


I have installed a c7000 blade system with bl460c blades, in the interconnect bay i have installed a Flex-10 ethernet module for network connection and a 8Gb 20 port FC module to connect to an EVA4400 SAN. I have added assign a profile a blade with Windows server 2008 installed. When i present a LUN to the blade, in the window, it can see the newly presented SAN drive, but when i tried to format it, it disappeared and no long see it in the windows. At first i suspect the SAN's configuration, so i tried to present the LUN to a standalone server, it succeeds. I wonder how to setup the blade to use the SAN, from some technicians, they said it might relate to the firmware version of the blade systems.


Does anyone have experience on that that can share?

Thank you!