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about update bios on bl465c

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about update bios on bl465c

how to upgrade bios on bl465c at non-os status? is ILO can do it or need mount the firmware maintenace cd to boot up? i try it before ,but can't find supplemental update,can't broswer my update file which is put on USB flash drive, is need specal path?please help and give advise
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Re: about update bios on bl465c

Well ...You could DL a new version of FW maintance CD. but for blades there is better one...

"HP BladeSystem Firmware Deployment Tool"
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Re: about update bios on bl465c

If you have a webserver you can use, you can also use the command-line and scripts to get the blades to boot automatically from virtual media.

Only last night I updated 16 blades in one enclosure to the March 28 BIOS with one command and one XML file.

If you download the aforementioned Firmware Deployment Tool, you'll find plenty of sample scripts to give you ideas about how to do it.

Also, the BIOS update download includes instructions for making it run unattended.