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Re: ACU Deletes OS Partition - BL490C G6 + SB40C

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ACU Deletes OS Partition - BL490C G6 + SB40C

I have two BL490C G6 blades with the latest firmwares installed. These blades are partnered with an SB40C (P400 controller), have two onboard SATA SSDs, and also have a P700 controller eventually attaching them to an MSA2324. I installed Windows Server 2008 SP2 on the machine and PSP 8.30. The SB40C already had one logical drive defined and I wanted to change that up to be a different setup. I went in through the HP server management, clicked array configuration utility, selected the P400, selected my logical drive, and clicked delete. The OS instantly crashed. At first we were waiting on the 1st machine to come back up thinking it would reboot so we went over to the 2nd machine and started to go into the array configuration utility. Performing the same steps it too crashed the OS. When we rebooted the 1st one the Windows Boot Loader told us winload.exe was missing and that we should boot the installation CD and repair. When we boot the installation CD it tells us that the Windows partition is 0MB. This looks like an incredibly serious bug with the ACU. Granted I can create / delete partitions with the option ROM at boot up, but why is the ACU doing such a drastic thing like deleting my boot partition?
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Re: ACU Deletes OS Partition - BL490C G6 + SB40C

I'm just assuming you wanted Windows to load on and boot from the SATA SSD.

It sounds like the P400 was set as the boot controller and Windows was installed on the already existing partition of the SB40. In this case ACU is doing exactly what you asked and deleted the boot partition.
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