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Adding VirtualConnect Enet modules to existing domain

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Adding VirtualConnect Enet modules to existing domain

I'm planning to add two VC 1/10 Enet modules to an existing VC domain in a C7000 chassi. The exising VC Enet modules is placed in slot 1/2 and have the latest 2.10 firmware. The "new" modules will be placed in slot 3/4 and probably have a lower firmware revision. I also plan to use 1 GB TP connection to link the modules (1/3 and 2/4).

My question is if this operation can be performed "online" without interrupting the traffic in the existing modules or do I have to plan for downtime? I'm not so familiar with VC domains and what will happen if I get a firmware mismatch.

I read an similar thread started by CarlosG 17th Jun 2008 but the question at the end wasn´t answered.
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Re: Adding VirtualConnect Enet modules to existing domain

The interconnect modules are designed to be hot swap/plug(able) so installing the additional VC modules should not cause any problems.
Once installed, and before opening any of the uplink ports to the outside world, or connecting them to the modules in IC Bays 1 & 2, consider bringing the firmware up tho the same level as your existing VC ENet modules. At least, ensure that both of the new ethernet modules have the same firmware rev, even if it is different to your existing modules.

Because VC failover is L <--> R, it is important that the Modules on any given shelf are at the same firmware level. (Less important vertically)