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Age of Enclosure vs. Supported Servers/OA/VC

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Age of Enclosure vs. Supported Servers/OA/VC

Graling had a customer update question:




          I’m curious if anyone has information regarding support of Gen 8, Flex-10, FlexFabric, and older enclosures.  One of my customers is an “original” owner.  So I’m concerned with them wanting to remove all their BL460c G1/pass-thru’s and replacing with BladeSystem Gen8 blades and VC Flex-10/FlexFabric.


Are there any “gotchas” other than firmware updates?

Will the mid-plane of this early generation have issues with performance at 10Gb?


I’m just trying to get my ducks in a row.




From Vincent:




No problem, 10Gb Ethernet is supported even on the original c7000 midplane




Comments or suggestions?