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ASR on BL460c Server


ASR on BL460c Server


I have one of the BL 460c server installed in c7000 enclosure. Internal Health LED of this server is RED, after connecting iLO I have gathered IML log mentioning ASR messege.

Can someone plz explain ASR plz see screenshot for details.
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Re: ASR on BL460c Server

Hi Aamir,

Can you please give the details of OS & PSP, you are using?

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Re: ASR on BL460c Server

ASR or Automatic Server Recovery. Is a function in HP servers that automaticaly reboots the server if it has been unresponsive for 10 minutes (Default). Thats the basic idea of ASR.

The ASR can be triggered by a couple of bugs in HPs PSP and if the firmware is missmatched.

in PSP 8.20 there are a ILO2 driver that needs to be updated to a higher.

And We've had some ASR's when the firmware was to high for support. Bios-ILO-OA needs to be synced to supported levels. See this link