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Automatic DNS zone generation for c7000 enclosure

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Automatic DNS zone generation for c7000 enclosure



I have a c7000 enclosure and would like to accomplish the following task: automaticaly generate a DNS zone containing hostname records for all the enclosure servers and interconnect modules. I want the hostnames to contain "User defined names" for these components - for example if I set a "User defined name" for an interconnect ethernet switch to "switch1" I'd like to have the following DNS RR: IN A ; management address


I would like to accomplish the same for blades (the hostname should be equal to their name visible in OA). I have tried to extract this information from the OA modules using SNMP and "XML reply" features. Unfortunately none of them give me all the information I need:


EBIPA IP addresses

"User defined names" for components


I don't want to resort to screen-scraping the 'show all' command to accomplish this task therefore my question is: Where to get the information I require from ?



Best regards,
Maciej Grela