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Automatic power on to blades in slots 1, 2 and 8

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Automatic power on to blades in slots 1, 2 and 8

I apologize if this has been posted previously, I'm new here and I searched but didn't come up with anything.  I have multiple c7000 enclosures with a mix of BL460c G6's and BL680c G5's.  I am running OA 3.21, VC 3.18 with Enet and FC modules, iLO2 2.06 and current BIOS fw on blades.  I am not using VCEM.  I have an issue occurring on more than one enclosure where the blades in slots 1, 2 and 8 power on after a full shutdown, even when the auto power on switch is set to no in the iLO config.  I cannot find any other settings that would cause this.  Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Automatic power on to blades in slots 1, 2 and 8

Your firmwares are fairly old.  I would update the firmware then check to see if the servers exhibit the same behavior.


I've seen a similar issue with a Blade Enclosure that I semi manage... it is/was running OA v 3.55, Ilo's are 2.09, VC 3.51 or 3.60 and it was happening with the G6 blades only in the enclosure.  I have a mix of G1/G6/G7.


Latest G6 BIOS is 5/5/11 I believe unless there was another update in the past 2 months.  That could be the issue.

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