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BL 20 p server and Enclosure

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BL 20 p server and Enclosure

Customer still has BL 20 p servers in use. They have a problem with a server not powering on. It is in an amber light condition then the red health light flashes in about 10 second intervals, then goes solid. I have changed out every piece of hardware in the blade server. Procesors, memory, system board, procesor power modules, power board, mezzanine boards and hard drive backplane. No change. I then tried another working blade server in the enclosure slot and received the same symptoms on that blade. I then put it back in it's respective slot on the same enclosure and it now reacted with a solid amber light and flashing red light. I am suspecting the backplane and power board of the enclosure. Has anybody run across an issue like this on the BL p enclosure? Does anybody have a solution?
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Re: BL 20 p server and Enclosure

Access the iLO on one of the blades in the enclosure and click on the p-Class tab and check the logs for information. Depending on the power configuration there may not be enough available power to start up.