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Re: BL reboot instead of shutdown


BL reboot instead of shutdown

Hi Guys, This is really simple..
We have a c7000 enclosure with OA firmware ver 4.2 with a fully populated BL460c Servers.
All servers have Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 Enterprise Edition.
The thing is, on ALL servers, when we attempt to shutdown the servers, the servers reboot instead of shutdown! The only way to poweroff the servers was by using the Press and Hold option from iLO virual power. Is there a way to properly shutdown the server without getting into iLO?

Thanks in advance
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Re: BL reboot instead of shutdown


a shutdown should work with the default Windows OS settings.

When you shutdown a blade server, did you followed the complete shutdown process to see if no blue screen occurs during the shutdown, i have seen this happening and as a result the server does not shut down but restarts (after it created the dump file if configured). You'd need to connect a VGA monitor via the SUV port/cable in the front or use the IRC feature (Integrated Remote Console)in the iLO to see the complete shutdown process, from a remote desktop this is not possible.

Check the system.evt log file in Windows when it restarts and see if there isn't any STOP error that occured during the last shutdown.
If it turns out there is a error at shutdown, then the root cause of that needs to be investigated.

Not that it would make a difference but you can always shut down your server from the command line shutdown -s -f -t 10 also.