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BL20p-G3 enclosure with management card fault LED ON RED !!!

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BL20p-G3 enclosure with management card fault LED ON RED !!!

- My customer is having four Bl20p enclosures with 25 BL servers installed, four 1U power enclosures chained together correctly via management cards starting from the rack bottom to up. All enclosures are with 2.32 firmware revision.
- We noticed that we cannot access a server in the first enclosure (bay 4) via iLO but it is working properly via network.
-Checking via Insight manager, when click on the enclosure name, it shows a physical view of the servers inside it with bays 4 and 8 empty!!! for information, the server in bay 8 is working properly...
- We have disconnected all the management links between enclosures, reset management cards for all: when reconnecting the first power enclosure with the first BL enclosure, the fault LED on the BL enclosure management card turns on after initialisation.
- Removing faulty mgmt card and install it into another working enclosure: it works in the other enclosure (so the card is good).
- Installing another good mgmt card: same problem - fault LED is ON.
- I saw a case that talks about resetting the mgmt card by not only pressing the reset button (pressing the UID and the reset at the same time: all the servers in the enclosure are in production.
- Checking the IML logs: we found the standard events that occurs daily on all enclosures.

Any help please!
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Re: BL20p-G3 enclosure with management card fault LED ON RED !!!

when you access server via iLO what it says?
any error?
What is iLO f/w on them. try once to upgrade iLO f/w on that machine.

4th and 8th It doesn't show up in insight manager is iLO xml issue. check "http:///xmldata?item=all" is givin xml data fine.