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Re: BL20P G3 end of life?

Occasional Contributor

BL20P G3 end of life?

Hi guys,
Apologies if this has been asked, but I'm wondering when the G3 Blades will go end-of-life. (By end-of-life, I mean no longer supported by HP with parts, firmware etc).

Thanks in advance.
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Re: BL20P G3 end of life?


End of support is supposed to be (at least) 5 years from date of last sale. As they could be purchased with 5yr 24x7 support carepack.

As the G4 came summer 2006 I'm assuming that the G3 will end support around end of 2011.

But dont quote me.

Though if they run out of G3 motherboards before then, they may offer you a G4 if its still covered by a carepack.