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BL20p G4 - Spontaneous Chassis Loss of Connectivity

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BL20p G4 - Spontaneous Chassis Loss of Connectivity

Got an error in the Event Log on Windows and on the IML. "Rack Infrastructure : Loss Of Chassis Connectivity (Enclosure Serial Number USM61005AE)"

Then at the same time on the Windows Event Log got: Rack Infrastructure : New Chassis Connected (Enclosure Address FC97)

This occurred at 8:17PM tonight. Nobody was there doing anything, and none of the other blades in the enclosure got the message (they are same revision). The enclosure number it says it lost connectivity with was a 1U Power Enclosure - it apparently did not lose connectivity with the main backplane enclosure. Any ideas on what this is? This is obviously "mission critical", so seeing something like this is extremely disconcerting. We have had spurious errors on the BL-p series, but most can be fixed with firmware or ignoring the errors. This one, however, is more concerning.
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Re: BL20p G4 - Spontaneous Chassis Loss of Connectivity

one time incident or there is pattern
res pattern eat all management modules
reseat all management link cables
update firmware to the latest
monitor condition
rotate management module between enclosures
keep monitoring

any alerts at the rear of the enclosure ?