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BL35p G1 No Post/No Video

New Member

BL35p G1 No Post/No Video

I hope someone can help with this issue as I have 2 blades with the same symptoms and devoted a lot of time troubleshooting them.

Symptoms and observations:
No Video through dongle.
iLO session Remote Console has black screen with blinking cursor in upper left corner.
Blinking cursor screen looks just like a normal POST screen just before the BIOS begins to load.
All LED's are normal.

Have swapped out ALL possible HW for known good HW- no change.
Have cleared CMOS through jumpers 5 and 6
Have removed the battery and let sit overnight without any power.
Tried numerous other bays in the enclosure as well as in 2 blade diagnostic stations.

Have attempted to boot to floppy to flash BIOS-no luck.

Flashed iLO FW through iLO session.

From what I can tell from the steps I've taken and from the iLO screenshot (attached) is that the BIOS is completely hosed.

Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Any possible way to flash the BIOS in this state?

Thanks in advance,