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BL460 blades unable to connect

New Member

BL460 blades unable to connect

Hello all,

I have the following hardware and something seems to be up with the eth ports on my blade or the interconnect blade. I am not totally sure where the problem lays. In Redhat the drivers appear to load fine (bcnx2) but no matter what I do I cannot get any connectivity. I do not get any link lights on either the switch or the interconnect card. I have tried going to a different switch and used several different cables with no luck. any direction on this problem would be appreciated because I am out of ideas.


Hardware List:
Chasis c-class: 412152-B21 FW: 1.01
Admin module: 416000-001
Blade (bl460): 404664-B21
Interconnect: 406740-B21
New Member

Re: BL460 blades unable to connect

This problem was due to the fact that all the switches I used were NOT gigE switches. Plugged it into a GigE switch and it came right up.