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Re: BL460c G1 will not Boot

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BL460c G1 will not Boot

Hi all

The problem: I have an BL460cG1 with 32 Gb Ram 2x Quad core and E200i Smart Controller and TWO 72GB 10K Dualport HDD`s.

When i install W2K8 or W2K3 the installation is fine but the Server will not Boot from the HDD`s. The Error is: Can not find Winloader.exe or Ntoskernel.

Linux OS works fine with Dualport HDD`s.

When i change the HDD`s as Singleport HDD`s The installation of Windows is fine and the Server can boot.

Quickspec`s say`s that Dualport HDD`s are Supportet.

Any Idea??

Thanks for Feedback.

@The FW Revisions are the newest from FW CD 8.70

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Re: BL460c G1 will not Boot

Did You install Windows with SmartStart CD ?
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Re: BL460c G1 will not Boot

No. I will Test it.(there is no Information, that you MUST Install Windows with Smartstart!!!)

The simplified way, the dual port HDD `s into single port HDD` s is to replace.

Thanks for Help
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Re: BL460c G1 will not Boot