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BL460c G6 + ESXi + NC532i iSCSI ports

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BL460c G6 + ESXi + NC532i iSCSI ports



I've got a blade server (BL460c G2) with one NC532i dual port nic and one NC382m dual port nic.


On ESXi 4.1 U2 with default drivers only the NC328m iSCSI HBAs show up.


After upgrading the bnx2i driver to 1.9.1k.v41.1 i now get the 4 HBAs under Broadcom iSCSI Adaptors, but i only can connect to the storage with the HBAs from NC382m.


Anyone as been able to use the iSCSI HBAs from NC532i with ESXi?

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Re: BL460c G6 + ESXi + NC532i iSCSI ports

The strange with NC532i (Broadcom 57711E) is that the iSCSI ports have different macaddress from the regular nic, the HBAs that now show up with the new driver have the identification correspondent to the nic macaddress and not the iSCSI port.


Information from HP Onboard Administrator:


Embedded Flex-10 Embedded Ethernet

Port 1 D8:D3:85:59:0C:00

iSCSI Port 1  D8:D3:85:59:0C:01

Port 2 D8:D3:85:59:0C:04

iSCSI Port 2 D8:D3:85:59:0C:05


HP NC382m Dual Port 1GbE Multifunction BL-c Adapter

Port 1 d8:d3:85:bb:af:48

Port 2 d8:d3:85:bb:af:4a




ESXi Broadcom iSCSI Adaptors show up like this:


iSCSI Alias:bnx2i-d8d385590c00

iSCSI Alias:bnx2i-d8d385590c04

iSCSI Alias:bnx2i-d8d385bbaf48

iSCSI Alias:bnx2i-d8d385bbaf4a

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Re: BL460c G6 + ESXi + NC532i iSCSI ports


Ok, acording with Broadcom, the HBA's from NC532i card don't show up because for LOM cards is necessary a special license. I must contact HP regarding this license.