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BL460c G6 Network Card Teaming (Advanced)

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BL460c G6 Network Card Teaming (Advanced)

Hi All,


Wonder if you can help, we have a C7000 chassis with BL460c G6 servers. We have 2x 1GB Pass through interconnects. Each half height blade therefore has 2 nics.


I currently have the NIC's in a 802.3ad Dynamic team going to a single switch. We are now potentially looking at introducing another switch to provide further resiliency.


I am aware that we need the switches to support distributed trunking, however on the server side, I’m not sure what we need. From what I have read I will need an advanced network licence to enable the Dynamic dual channel features of the NCU software.


Is this correct? if so, what do we need to buy? I’ve found a link that says I potentially need the Intelligent Network Pack although from what I can see, its discontinued?


Will the current setting 802.3ad load balance between multiple switches at the moment?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: BL460c G6 Network Card Teaming (Advanced)

As long as you can form a LAG across the 2 switches your normal 802.3ad you are using today still works.
vPC, IRF, Virtual Chassis and I'm forgetting one all make the 2 switches appear as one and enable distributed LAGs.
So if you will be using one of those, you should not have to change thee server side at all. Just change the LAG members on the switch side.