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BL460c G6 "wiring fault" on NIC(s)

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BL460c G6 "wiring fault" on NIC(s)

We have 2 BL460c G6 servers that have gotten a "wiring fault" error on both NIC cards.  We can still ILO into them, but they can't communicate because of this.  Both have Win 2008 server r2 32 bit (because of apps that don't run on 64 bit).  We've tried removing the devices in device manager, installing other drivers, rebooting.  We'd rather not go the re-install route.  HP doesn't list any specific drivers for 32 bit Win 2008 for the Broadcom NetXtreme II cards that it says are in these machines.  We don't have any others to compare to as all our other servers are P class or g1.


Thanks in advance with any help/suggestions.


Re: BL460c G6 "wiring fault" on NIC(s)

Can you boot the servers using a Linux LiveCD ISO (like ubuntu or grml) and check for network connectivity in the livecd environment?
If you can't get the servers to talk to the network under the LiveCD then you need to start looking at hardware issues.


1) Are you using VC/Pass-Thru or other modules?

2) Are there any other servers on the enclosure

3) How many NICs are you using on the servers, do they all fail ?