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Re: BL460c / NIC /PSP7.90 / RDP

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BL460c / NIC /PSP7.90 / RDP


I have a problem with the nic driver on a BL460c with PSP7.90

The windows 2003 SP1 was deployed via rdp.
After the unattened installation of windows, a skript installs the PSP7.90
All drivers are installed instead of the nic driver.

The only way to install the driver is following:
Extract the NIC driver to a folder.
Manually update the NIC through device manager, pointing the installation to the extracted folder.

I tried the option /force but it doesn´t work.

I don´t want to do the driver installation manuell, because the skripted installion is over rdp and we don´t want wo do anything on the server directly.

Does anyone have this problem?
Does anyone how how to fix it?



Re: BL460c / NIC /PSP7.90 / RDP

Hello Rene,

Did u manage to get any script for the same ?

Thanks, Cheers, Welcome & Regards.
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Re: BL460c / NIC /PSP7.90 / RDP


I have run into this same problem where drivers just don't decide to install when the auto-install script runs after an image deployment.
What I did was went into the folder where the PSP X.XX is (which the Altiris job references) and edited the batch file that runs all of the driver installers and added a /force to the ones I knew I would need.
Its kind of a hackish way to address it but then certain things you know you need will always get installed no matter what.

Best of luck!