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BL460c - Read Windows / Array & Configuration Job FAILS

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BL460c - Read Windows / Array & Configuration Job FAILS

Hi all,

We've install RDP on 1 of our customers with version 3.0 on a DL360G5 with W2003 STD with SP1.

We also manually installed W2003 x64 R2 on an hp bl460c server, and we installed the pushed the altiris agent to the blade with success.

When we drop the Read Windows & Array & Configuration image job to the new managed server, it reboots, goes to PXE, grabs a DHCP, Validates the DHCP and when it starts the transfer of the image to the HDD of the RDP server, it closes the connection after writting only 145Kb rather than completing the whole image creation... should be at least 1.5GB...

Altiris confirms that the job is created successful and reboots the server for normal production,

Any help would be appreciatted



Re: BL460c - Read Windows / Array & Configuration Job FAILS

it sounds like RDP is unabled to find the hdd, meaning that there is a known issue when the server (bl460c) are new sometimes the raid controller will not be detected so
just reseat the E200I controller and send the jop one more time.

Check this link it will tell you how to do that process