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BL460c - RHEL4.6 - Tagged VLAN issue

Occasional Advisor

BL460c - RHEL4.6 - Tagged VLAN issue


I have a C7000 enclosure populated with several BL460c blades.

Some are installed with RHEL4.6 and some others with RHEL5.3.

The interconnect switches are GbE2c layer 2/3. I have four of them.

I have successfully configured tagged bonded VLANs on my RHEL5 blades.

However when I am doing the same configuration on the RHEL4 blades it leads to an error. After the service network restart, the first interface of the bond can not determine neither its speed nor its duplex mode. When I do ifdown and ifup of the interface it fixes the problem and the tagged VLAN works well. But on a live system I can not rely on such manual operation. In addition to that when the server reboots the issue is back !

I wonder whether someone had ever met this issue already ? Any idea on how to solve it.