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BL460c: windows 2003 sp2 can't shutdown


BL460c: windows 2003 sp2 can't shutdown

1. Configure:
BL460c with Mezzanine HBA Qlogic QMH2462 FC +Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem + EMC Storage

2. Problem Detail/Data/Symptom:

BL460C located in Slot 10 of Blade Chassis with windows 2003 startup slowly and also can't be shutdown normally ,

3. Operating System and Version:

Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2

4. When did the problem first occur?
Aug.2007 , this is a new installation

5. What is the problem frequency?

Action Taken:

1. Moved blade server from slot 10 to other slots , and then problem was gone.
2. Disconect fiber cable btw Blade SAN Switch and EMC Storage ,and then problem was gone.
3. Replaced blade chassis , but problem still occur.
4. Forced port 10 speed to 2GB , and then windows startup slow issue be fixed , but windows shutdown issue still occur.
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Re: BL460c: windows 2003 sp2 can't shutdown

I have the same problem.

It occurs when I use this image (Win2k3 R2 SP2 Ent) on a BL460c with the latest firmware (iLO2 incl) but it doesn't occur on a new DL360 G5.

I am using Virtual Connect for Ethernet and DASD, no FC.
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Re: BL460c: windows 2003 sp2 can't shutdown

Hi richeal75,

It seems that it's an issue with storport.sys & QLogic HBAs. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and have released a patch for it:

I've applied the patch and it worked (from the 2nd reboot). Note that mine used to take about 5 mins to reboot, but would eventually get there.