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BL465C G1 or BL460 G1 upgrade

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BL465C G1 or BL460 G1 upgrade


We have 3 BL465C G1 (2GB, 1x2216HE) and 2 BL460 G1 (2GB, 1xXeon 5140) in C7000 enclosure.
We want to upgrade 2 of the above servers in order to use them as ESXi hosts.

Does anyone know what is the best cpu for BL465C or BL460C we can upgrade to (and keep suport from HP)?

Can we use quad core Opteron or Xeon?

Our local partner suggess to buy 2 new BL460G6, but the cost is hign and we do not want to stop using 2.5 year old servers.

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Re: BL465C G1 or BL460 G1 upgrade

Be sure to update to the latest system ROM BIOS before you change out the CPU

Both of these part numbers are listed in the respective quickspecs as the fastest processors available for each system

492308-B21 - HP X5470 BL460C G1 Kit - Intel Quad-Core Xeon X5470 / 3.33 GHz processor upgrade

445106-B21 - HP BL465C O2356 QC Kit - BLADE OPTIONS OPT 2356 2.3G QC KIT FOR BL465C

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Re: BL465C G1 or BL460 G1 upgrade

I'm looking to go a similar route with the BL465c G1's running VMware ESX Server.  They were purchased with two 2216 HE (dual-core 2.4GHz, 68W) processors and now I'd like to replace them with two 2356 (quad-core 2.3GHz, 75W) processor option kits.  I'm already running the latest ROM version (A13 05/02/2011) and firmware for the iLO2 (2.06), Smart Array E200i (1.86), NC370i Adapters (1.9.6) and QLA2342 Mezz HBAs (5.04.02).


It seems a simple matter of shutting down, replacing the CPUs and bringing the server back online, but I learned long ago that nothing is as simple as it seems when it comes to IT.  Thank you.