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Re: BL465c G5 RAID 1+0 Expansion

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BL465c G5 RAID 1+0 Expansion

I have a BL465c G5 that includes a Smart Array E200i, and contains two (2) 146GB SAS drives in a RAID 1+0 configuration. When our previous engineer built the server, he only configured 15GB for the boot drive, out of the 146GB that would typically be available.

Now of course we're running out of space on this C: drive (Windows 2003 Server Ent x64), but I see no way of expanding this boot drive. He created a logical drive of 15GB, and a logical drive of 122GB - the 122GB is 'unallocated' in Windows Drive Management, but I see no way of expanding the C: drive. I even loaded Paragon Partition Mgr and there is no option to expand into the 'free space' in this RAID set.

I guess I'm missing something - shouldn't I be able to expand into contiguous drive space? I've deleted the Logical Drive 2 to no avail - no matter what I do I cannot use all of the space on these local drives.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: BL465c G5 RAID 1+0 Expansion

You need to boot from Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) and do diskpart, because you cannot extend system volume with diskpart while windows running.
you can use diskpart from WinPE command prompt
You can use BartPE CD as well

Diskpart using
Windows PE

Regards, Igor
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Re: BL465c G5 RAID 1+0 Expansion

Ok thx for the information. Ill give it a try!