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BL465c HP370i in 100Mb switch - doesn't work

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BL465c HP370i in 100Mb switch - doesn't work

We have a number of BL465c with the onboard 370i NICs plugging into Cisco 3550 switches. We have an issue where there is NO connectivity, not even a link light. Plugged into Gig switches such as Catalyst 6513s they are OK. Can these NICs be used at 100Mb/FD? There doesn't seem to be a way of setting the link speed to anything other than Auto/Auto as the option is greyed out. This setting does not work with the 3550s.
We are using the HP Ethernet Pass Thru interconnects.
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Re: BL465c HP370i in 100Mb switch - doesn't work

The NICs are 1Gb only, therefore you can not uplink at 100.

The NICs are 1Gb only because of how their signals are passed through the backplane of the c-class enclosure.

If you had ethernet switch interconnects instead of pass-thru modules, the NICs would still link at 1000 but the uplink ports of the interconnect switches could link at 100. But with pass-thru's you are locked in to using 1Gb only.