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BL490c & HP MPIO

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BL490c & HP MPIO

I have two BL460c units running Server 2008.

Using SSP, they both have access to the same LUN on a local MSA unit.

They both report the same drivers being used for the LUN under disk management:
"6.1.7100.0 (winmain_win7rc.090421-1700)"

One of them recongizes the drive as:
"COMPAQ MSA1000 VOLUME Multi-Path Disk Device"

The other only returns:
"COMPAQ MSA1000 VOLUME SCSi Disk Device"

Is there any explanation available for this behaviour?

Thank you,

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Re: BL490c & HP MPIO

This could be due to Zoning errors ?

Did you install the MPIO for EVA ?

You can see visible paths from MPIO Manager

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Re: BL490c & HP MPIO


do you check this on one server at a time or do you have both servers online and possibly accesing that same LUN on the MSA ? If so, do those servers run some kind of cluster s/w ,otherwise this is a no-go because it could corrupt data on the disks since there is no reservation/locking mechanism in place.

Check with one sever powered on at a time and see what that gives you, maybe the first one sees the MSA LUN properly (since he was first) and the second one encounters some issue when trying to access the same LUN.


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Re: BL490c & HP MPIO

To Pedersen:
Why would I need the MPIO for EVA? These are MSA units and would require the MPIO for MSAs no?

To Rombauts:
Fair point on the clustering.
Part of the issue is that this is all in an attempt to get the clustering software to work.
To get Microsoft server Clustering up & running on these boxes, I want to ensure it passes all the tests (because I've been told that's the only way to have any sort of functionality). The box that realizes these are MPIO drives passes it's tests, but the unit that does not realize they are MPIO devices fails. As it fails, the tests fail. Obviously a problem.

I will try with only one of the boxes turned on, see what happens and post another reply.

Thank you both so much,