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BL685c G1 restarts unexpectedly

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BL685c G1 restarts unexpectedly

we have a BL685c G1, and it restarts unexpectedly, several times a week. In 'iLO 2 Event Log' we see:

iLO 2 05/31/2011 09:39 05/31/2011 09:39 1 Server reset.
iLO 2 05/31/2011 09:39 05/31/2011 09:39 1 Server power restored.
iLO 2 05/31/2011 09:41 05/31/2011 09:41 1 On-board clock set; was 05/31/2011 07:41:31.

What theses messages mean?

Thanks and regards.
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Re: BL685c G1 restarts unexpectedly


I find the messages pretty self-explanatory but they mean that the server does a restart.

Another bay?
Several times? Any pattern?
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Re: BL685c G1 restarts unexpectedly

Hi Johan,
I understand the messages, but I do not know if the server resets by s.o. (no log indicates this) or by hardware error or similar.

How can I see the Firmware version?

Is the only bay with problems.

In the last year I have these restarts:

Jan 3 12:59:59
Jan 21 01:41:13
Jan 22 00:22:14
Jan 31 18:58:00
Feb 2 13:19:29
Feb 14 22:45:56
Feb 26 07:40:07
Mar 13 01:03:08
Mar 27 03:00:27
Mar 29 05:05:00
Apr 2 01:13:38
Apr 4 23:23:57
Apr 11 01:34:07
Apr 17 06:00:24
May 2 07:47:41
May 2 14:38:43
May 3 13:57:05
May 3 22:52:34
May 5 03:40:40
May 6 16:51:01
May 6 21:39:33
May 10 07:50:49
May 12 21:28:04
May 13 13:06:27
May 17 22:07:59
May 26 19:37:54
May 27 13:47:06
May 30 09:31:09
May 31 09:41:24

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Re: BL685c G1 restarts unexpectedly

Hello, ok I can't really see a pattern.

What do you mean with s.o.? That an operator restarted it? So all these are unplanned restarts? Wow that's annoying.

If you log on to the onboard administrator you can find the firmware versions on the BIOS, iLO and some more. You can also boot the server on the firmware DVD and then it will update all the firmwares to the latest.

If you have the free space in the c-class I would suggest that you try to run the server in position to see if it also reboots there.
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Re: BL685c G1 restarts unexpectedly

We have seen a number of proliant blade servers get ASR messages and reboot at random. These messages can be seen in the ILO IML log though. While some have been due to faulty memory modules other events can't be explained and we've chosen to disable ASR (in system management page).