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Re: BL860c with Flex 10 Ethernet Connectivity

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BL860c with Flex 10 Ethernet Connectivity

i have 3 blades BL860c servers installed in C7000 enclosure.
2 flex10 Ethernet modules installed interconnect bay 1 and 2.

Now i have configired Serviceguard but unable to get proper maping according to my requirements.
i need One production Heartbeat.
Failover lan
Private heart beat.

All servers have no ethernet maz card installed.
So embedded 4 NICs available.
i have only 3 Nics available for cluster rest 1 IP will be use outside cluster.

I have created flex profile but i am able to get below details.

I have four Ethernet ports on 2 flex switch.
2 on bay 1 and 2 on bay 2.

Now i am considering switch redundancy plus IP profile on flex 10.

my requiremnet are 2 heartbeat cables with failover lan.

(For data Heartbeat)
i have added bay 1 port 1
bay2 port 1

privite Heartbeat internal.

bay 1 2 port and bay 2 second port

i will get info in cluster

Heartbeat lan0
standby lan1

stationary IP lan2.

i have search and other document but unable to find serviceguard ethernet connectivity proper cabling maping.

Any one with exprience??

3 nodes in cluster.

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Re: BL860c with Flex 10 Ethernet Connectivity


BL860c doesn't have any Flex NICs on board. So you can't do a Flex-NIC configuration.

You can create a profile with max 4 NICs(For Onboard NIC ports )

only i2 series blades support Flex NICs.
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Re: BL860c with Flex 10 Ethernet Connectivity

Its 860ci2 with flex10 NICs
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Re: BL860c with Flex 10 Ethernet Connectivity

In such case you will get 8 Flex nics from Bay1 and 8 From Bay2.

Without Flex NIC, generally Lan0, Lan2 will come to bay 1 and Lan1 and Lan3 will be on Bay2.

You can also compare the MAC Address from Information page of OA and comapare with lanscan/nwmgr output from HPUX and plan for the appropriate lan ports to plan for redundancy.