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BL870c i2 mp critical error

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BL870c i2 mp critical error

Hi guys. I have problem with blades bl870c i2.
There are 4 blades installed in a Farm.
And today in the morning I have critical errors on each blade. It is Management processor error.
And now I have not access to MP. I can reset power on servers via OA CLI. And after reset it works fine (but I'm not sure its at a long time). I can not reset it on all blades, because some of it fork in production. Please help me troubleshut this error and get solution.
Thank you in advance.
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Re: BL870c i2 mp critical error

A detailed error message would be helpful.

Make sure the OA firmware is up to date.

Hope this helps!

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Re: BL870c i2 mp critical error

OA firmware - 3.11
It is error message in OA.
Servers are in critical state. On tab "Information" Near field "Management Processor" - just "critical".
After it has been reseted - no critical errors in system log, just warnings "The system variables are mismatched".
I can get logs tomorrow and attach screen shots.