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Blade C7000 Firmware Upgrading - BL460G1's & G6's

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Blade C7000 Firmware Upgrading - BL460G1's & G6's

Hi all,

Been doing a lot of research into upgrading the Blade Enclosures, OA's and Blade to an acceptable level.
Currently we are running 7 chassis with various very, very old OA firmwares. Varying from v 2.02 to 2.21.
Blades also run hopelessly old firmwares (also various versions ~ 2007 - 2008).
Needless to say this has not been a priority in the past.
Recently added G6 Blades once again raised the need for updating the FW to latest level and maintain it.

Having experienced problems with repaired Blades being re-inserted into the chassis and not powering up due to a too high firmware level of the iLO, I decided to ask you guys for a little help.

The plan is now it to update the OA first (instead of last). Update it to v2.51 followed by all Blades to 2009.07.10 and iLO's to 1.81. (NO VC's BTW)
Then update the PSP to version 8.70.
This all to avoid G1 Blades not powering up.

Then, again update the OA's to version 2.52. See

Followed by doing it all over again to update the Blades and iLO's to the latest version, which is currently v9.10 (C). And finishing with the latest OA.

Sound like a good idea?
Or is it no problem to update directly to latest version?
I am just a bit worried that Blades won't power up when there is a too big difference between the iLO and the OA.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Much appreciated,
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Re: Blade C7000 Firmware Upgrading - BL460G1's & G6's

You can upgrade OAs directly to the latest version 3.20. After OA upgrade, check if all internal components are upgraded (like pass-thru modules). If not, you need upgrade them manually from OA CLI.

Then upgrade all blades to the lastest version 9.20.
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Re: Blade C7000 Firmware Upgrading - BL460G1's & G6's

Thanks for the info, Zygmunt. Sure would cut down on implementation time!

Thanks & have a good weekend