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Blade configuration cisco 3020 blade switch.

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Blade configuration cisco 3020 blade switch.

Dea ra All,

I have C7000 enclosure with 16 blade servers which are G6 Servers. The blade came with two ethernet cisco blade switches 3020 and two cisco fiber switches. I didn't see any hp Virtual interconnect switch tht i previous used before. When i logon to the OA through the web interface i couldn't find the virtual interconnect manager link . Can any body help me on how to start the mapping of server profiles and interconnected device to each blade servers. I have filled the remaining 4 interconnect bay with additional cisco 3020 blade Switches.
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Re: Blade configuration cisco 3020 blade switch.


Cisco blade switch 3020 is a cisco switch and is configured as a normal switch with VLANs and such.

If you need to use Server profiles created in other enclosures with HP Virtual Connect you need to remove the cisco 3020 switches and purchase HP Virtual Connect modules
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Re: Blade configuration cisco 3020 blade switch.

Thanks so much for your effort. We plan to used MSA for the Blade Servers. If i am correct, without the Virtual interconnect switch you can't configure the MSA to see the Blade Servers. We are running a ESX 4.0 Server. We wanted to used the Blade Servers to add more host to the present VM cluster.

My major concern is the MSA and the LUNS we are going to create. What is the real way out of this problem.


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Re: Blade configuration cisco 3020 blade switch.

You can use the MSA with the Cisco MDS9124e.

You configuration options are just different as compared to Virtual Connect.

You do not use "profiles" when using Procurve or Cisco hardware like you do with Virtual Connect. There is a direct 1 to 1 mapping of ports between the servers and switches.

For Networking... you connect your uplinks, create a trunk and tag/untag the ports your servers are connected to ( 1 through 16) appropriately for the VLAN(s) you need them to be on.

For Storage Networking, you actually have to create "zones" and a zone configuration to allow your blades to talk to your storage.

Without knowing a little bit more about the existing environment, I can't help much more.

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Re: Blade configuration cisco 3020 blade switch.

for configuring the cisco network switch,
you have to give the IP for the interconnect bays.
But fibre switch configuration is different.
You have to use the null modem cable and connect to Active OA.
Then using hyperterminal you have to login to the OA.
Selece the Bay , that is connected to the Fibre switch. Then give the IP , username .
Once you get the IP, using web broser you can manage the switch....