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blade + direct attached 3par

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blade + direct attached 3par

Hi All,


We design a small SAN environment: Blade (3-4 x 460c gen8) + 3par 7400 2-n.

Because it is a separated SAN, I was thinking of to direct attached to 3par.

I found this doc:


I do not really know the VC flexfabric, so I am uncertain this config:


- C7000 enclosure with 1 OA

- 4 x 460c gen8  (FlexLOM 554FLB FlexFabric 10Gb 2-Port Adapter)

- 2 x HP BLc FlexFabric 10Gb 24-Port VC Modul

- 3par 7400 2-n 

(- maybe small tape library (SAN) later)


According to the document is is enough: there is uplink for ethernet, direct connect

to  3par and possible future SAN tape.

It is true? We do not need another interconnect (flex10?) to the network, the Flexfabric

interconnect enough? Is there any limitations (LAN, SAN, bandwidth, throughput)?

The built in FlexLom in 460c gen8 is enought? We don not need another adapter?


there is something special that we may need or even should we pay attention?


thank you!!!

best regards








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Re: blade + direct attached 3par


If you are planning to add a SAN tape library in the future then you will require a SAN switch, you can not connect the library directly to the VC module, Other than that I think the setup is good for medium SAN enviroment and the 2x flexfabric modules should be enough, not other hardware are required, remember each server will have two ports each will serve 10GB bandwidth, you can configure 4GB for SAN and another 6GB for network (Just a thought).




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Re: blade + direct attached 3par



If you are going Virtual Connect, you can direct attach to 3PAR arrays using the Flat SAN direct attach feature in VC FlexFabric modules. The white paper list below will help you with better understanding VC operations.

Going direct will reduce the need for external SAN switches and associated costs, but you should consult with their HP representative for more recommendations on what they may need and align that to your goals.


In case you didn't know already, today is  HP Servers Expert Day here on the HP Support Forums. This is an event where Server Experts across HP join the forums to answer all your questions. Let me know if you still need help and I will make sure an expert follows up with you.  I can also get you in touch with an HP representative in your area who can go over your requirements and make some recommendations.