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Blade firmware update bundle v1.70

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Blade firmware update bundle v1.70

Is it just me being blind (called overlooking it) or is the documentation on this bundle decidedly lacking? No instructions as to what order it will do things in, if we need to be prepared to have the blades down first or if it'll reboot 'em without warning, will it handle a VM host, even if we need to run the bundle from a blade in the enclosure...?

My turn to hand out some points here...
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Re: Blade firmware update bundle v1.70

It is "lacking" but they are just sample scripts for you to use. Later There will be a companion doc to this

Comming there is a "HP BladeSystem ProLiant Firmware Management Best Practices Implementerâ s Guide"

HP are developing a better solution to firmware update management and these batch files are probably the first examples/samples of what is comming.

If you are using the ISO boot method you dont need to know the order of the firmware updates.

And if using any other method you can virtually guarrantee that you will need to reboot.

What is comming >
A new firmware DVD for all servers, Contains the latest firmware release sets for all supported 100 series, ML/DL and BladeSystem c-class servers
Offline Interactive GUI mode
Offline FDT (automatic update) mode including graphical view of the firmware update process (view only, no interaction allowed)
Online Windows and Linux support. Can be used to update multiple servers and enclosures (up to 29 targets concurrently). Firmware bundles and release sets can be selected for specific product types
Releases quarterly in February, May, August and November
New firmware can be added by creating a USB key and placing new or updated smart components in the \hp\swpackages directory
Delivered to customers as an ISO image
Can be deployed through iLO Virtual Media, CD boot, USB key, online and other modes
Contains HPSUM as the deployment engine
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Re: Blade firmware update bundle v1.70

I do have that best practices doc your link sent me to. I got the online version of the update bundle - I'll check again for the offline version.

The one thing I'm curious about is if this update can be run with the fiber still attached through the fiber VC's. I've had the update CD hang on both blades and rackmount DL's when doing the inventory if the fiber is connected. Disconnect the fiber, no hang.

Good thing I've got a place to start - called a brand new c7000 with 5 blades but none in production yet.