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Blade iLO IP not changing to match EBIPA

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Blade iLO IP not changing to match EBIPA

Hello - 

I've added two new blades to my C3000 chassis today, and they are not updating their iLO IP address to match the EBIPA settings.  Due to this, I am unable to access the iLO interface for the blade for either remote console or web management interface.

I've got OA version 4.5; the blade in question is a BL460c G7. I have 4 of these blades and so far 2 are acting similarly.

My iLO is at with EBIPA rules set for for the 8 bays.  The blade in question shows the current address is

What are my options for getting this IP updated?  I didn't see any iLO management options during bios POST.

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Re: Blade iLO IP not changing to match EBIPA

So I got this fixed.

What I ended up doing was setting the OA IP to be in the same subnet range that the blade was set to (in this instance,  I then set my laptop to be in the same subnet range; logged into the OA and was then able to get into the Blade's iLO web management.  From there, I found that the iLO was set to 'static IP'; I changed it all do dhcp, reset the iLO and then it took the IP the OA's EBIPA was trying to hand out.