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Blade with Fibre Connections

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Blade with Fibre Connections


We have a weird problem which does not seem to be the server as we have done the following.

The Server uses the Qlogic with GBIC connected to a CIsco MDS Switch.

We find after putting the Blade into the chasis after a minute r so we recive bad packets via the mobnitoring of the QLOIGIC software and the the port goes down.

We have changed the following and I believe it can only be the chasis itself left!!

Ports on the Cisco and speed
Fibre card in BL45
Fibre card in the Nortel switch
The backplane
The power mmangaenment module
The IlO board.

It seems only the left side of the chasis is at fault as this is where it fails, but if we move the same cables and server and GBICS to the bottom chasis it works !!

The only thing we have not tried is putting it into another bay further down the chasis but its so difficult to do as we have to configure all the network ports.

Has anyone got any ideas ?????

This is weird

Thanks Steve
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Re: Blade with Fibre Connections

CUBE module that connected to GBe2; you have model or P/N ?