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BladeSystem c3000 with crazy AC power readings

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BladeSystem c3000 with crazy AC power readings

Tom had a weird customer power issue:




Curious if anyone has seen this one before. Customer has a C3000 that was updated to recent firmware 3 months ago and has been working fine. Then suddenly it started spitting out crazy AC power usage (2147483647W AC!). This started right after a strong electrical storm came through but all 6 PS were on two different UPS and there was no enclosure power loss or server reboots.

OA log is listed below with the only power alerts seen right after storm. Screen shows attached showing crazy AC power (still high days after storm) and normal DC power, as well as shot of firmware which looks up to date.

Something obviously went wrong on reading AC power. I recall on the C7000 there is a ribbon cable that brings the AC power measurements back and that if pinched it can cause crazy readings – not sure how C3000 gets AC power info to OA but in this case no OA was removed when this occurred so not sure this is related.

Any ideas?




Monty had some ideas:




The c3000 enclosure power readings are accumulated by the OA by reading all the individual power supplies.  This is completely different than the c7000 enclosure power readings.

I suspect at least one of those power supplies is damaged and now reading very high output power.


You need to view all the individual power supply output readings on either the OA GUI or OA CLI – one or more will be responsible for the high enclosure present power value.




Have you encountered this problem before? What did you do?