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BladeSystem Power supply question

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BladeSystem Power supply question

Ingbert had a customer question on power supply performance:




I have a question about the reaction of a C7000 Powersupply,  if the voltage slips for about  4 μs.

Can  the powersupply compensate this?




Reply from Chris:




Do you mean input AC voltage?

If so, I believe that all modern switching power supplies will sustain their output for at least 1 ms upon the input power being removed.  There is simply enough power stored in the internal componentry of the power supply to maintain the output power for a few milliseconds.  This is 250 times longer than the 4 microsecond period you are concerned about.


However, your question seems to be a bit strange, as in practice it is nearly impossible in the industrial power infrastructure to suppress power for such a short period of 4 microseconds.  Just the inductance of the wires will be enough to force the current to flow for longer period.  In other words, 4 microsecond blackouts do not happen.


Perhaps I misunderstood your question.




Comments or questions?



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Re: BladeSystem Power supply question

Back from Ingbert:




The customer wants to install a new UPS which is energy optimized. The supplier of this UPS states that if

There is a power outage the output of the UPS can have a 4 μs outage too and wants to know if this might give a problem to the C7000.