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Brocade 4/12 with QLE2460


Brocade 4/12 with QLE2460

We have a Brocade 4/12 switch in our C3000 enclosure where our blades are working fine with storage connected to this switch. Our storage device is a MSA 2212fc.

We also have a SUN Sunfire X4240 server that has 2 QLW2460 adapters in it. We've run fibre cables from those into our switches. The adapters and the switch are 4GB capable, but the uplink only runs at 2GB, and our app running on the Sunfire (Virtual Iron) only sees them running at 2GB. We are seeing errors when doing snapshots from Virtual Iron to the lun, hence my email here. We are working with Oracle for the VI troubleshooting, but I was wondering if anybody knows of any hardware compat. issues with this that might be a problem.

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Brocade 4/12 with QLE2460

I think you can force the link speed in the switch's port configuration.

if it fails to negotiate you'll probably have some work to do in configuring the SUN server's FC adapter.

Diego C.

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